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Maizie Albright Star Detective 8

Is It Considered Stalking Your Boyfriend If He's Involved in Your Murder Investigation? (Asking For a Friend)

Past Perfect Press, January 16, 2024

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"I really enjoy this series. Part rom-com, part murder mystery, they are the perfect weekend read." —Girl With Book Lungs

#WannabeGirlfriendDetective Ex-celebrity and current (assistant) private investigator Maizie Albright finds her already strange life has become even odder. Her new partner is two hundred pounds and canine. And her ex-partner/still-boyfriend is on the wrong side of her infidelity case. 

It's Spy vs Spy — or rather, Detective vs Detective — when Maizie and Nash realize they're both tailing the same subject for very different reasons. Can Maizie out-investigate Nash to learn the secrets he’s investigating in her father’s company?

Secrets possibly related to old rivalries and a recent murder.

Her relationship is on the line, but it's more than her heart at stake. Her career is resting on this case. And there’s a killer at large. One who will do anything to keep dark secrets from getting dragged into the light. 

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19 Criminals, Maizie Albright Star Detec
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