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Book Formatting Service

Professional formatting for ebooks and print

I have a secret confession: I love formatting books! Back in my art school days, I dreamed of doing magazine layout. Somehow I wound up a history teacher instead, but I'm back to layout and design and couldn't be happier.

If you're a writer who hates DIY book formatting, you're my ideal customer! I use Vellum software for Mac. All I need from you is a Word document and a cover (for ebooks) or trim size (for print).

I want to give you a lot of choices in design so your book appears professionally made and not “cookie cutter” formatted. If you find that overwhelming, tell me your genre and I can help you choose what should be appropriate.

I can format your manuscript for mobi, ePub, and PDF files. This means they're ready for upload to Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, Createspace, Ingram Spark, or anywhere else you want to distribute your book. 

What I Offer

  • High quality PDF print; ePub (ebook); and mobi (Kindle) files

  • Store and website hyperlinks

  • Clickable Table of Contents

  • Images

  • Front and Back Matter

  • 8 book theme styles with 29 sub-styles

  • 7 style choices for first paragraphs in chapters & scenes

  • 9 style choices for scene break designs

  • Your custom image for chapter headings and scene breaks

  • 8 font styles for print

The information I’ll need:

  • Your edited Word document. (No pictures including charts/graphs. Send these separately).

  • Approximate number of pages. My software will tell me the number of pages. This is often different than a Word document count, so your price may adjust accordingly.

  • Your cover for ebook/Kindle files (at least 1600 x 2500 is necessary for Amazon)

  • If you’re including pictures, high resolution .jpg files

  • If you want to include links, they can be linked within your word document or given to me separately

  • Your trim size for print

  • If you’re looking for a specific design style

Trim Sizes for Print

5 x 8

5.25 x 8

5.5 x 8.5

6 x 9

2018 Prices

Pricing depends on page count, speed, and number of images. Please contact me to go over exactly what you want!

In general:

Short Story Special $30

  • Up to 50 pages

  • 3 days delivery

  • Either ebook, Kindle or print files

  • Up to 5 images

  • 1 revision*

  • Clickable TOC, title page, author bio, & copyright page included.

Novella Special $40

  • Up to 100 pages

  • 5 days delivery

  • Either ebook, Kindle or print file

  • Up to 5 images

  • 1 revision*

  • Clickable TOC, title page, author bio, & copyright page included.

Author Pro $50

  • Up to 200 pages

  • 7 days delivery

  • Either ebook, Kindle or print files

  • Up to 8 images

  • 3 revisions*

  • Clickable TOC, title page, author bio, & copyright page included.


  • $5 per 50 additional pages

  • $5 per 5 additional images

  • $10 for custom images for chapter headings (because they are done by hand)

  • $10 per additional file

  • $5 for each additional revision* (Within 30 days)

  • For faster service, contact me!

  • Contact me about anything not mentioned. I'm happy to work with you!

*If the mistake was mine, of course, it's free! I want you to be happy.

If you found a typo or want to make a stylistic change after I've finished beyond the number of free revisions per package, I charge $5 each revision.

  • Here's a link to the PDF.

  • A note: If you have charts or graphs, please send them as a separate picture (jpg or png). They don't transfer from the Word doc to my software.


"Larissa was amazing! She turned my short amateur book into a professional looking book! So grateful for her work! Also made suggestions. Very helpful!" 5/5 Stars

Kolya L Smith, author of Sick? Stay Home! And ways to stay well.

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