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16 MILLIMETERS, A Romantic Comedy Mystery Novel Excerpt

It's #TeaserTuesday with an excerpt from 16 MILLIMETERS, A Romantic Comedy Mystery Novel (Maizie Albright Star Detective book 2) chosen by cozy mystery book blogger, Jane Reads, who rates with cats instead of stars.

"I absolutely love 16 Millimeters by Larissa Reinhart, and hereby grant it our highest rating of Five Kitties!” — Jane Reads


Chapter 22 #MaizieMakeover

I had a plan. Because I was me, my plan involved makeup, hair, and wardrobe. But you know what you know, right? At least Giulio wasn't in charge this time.

Giulio, who was still not answering his phone. I'd texted him throughout the night, unable to sleep with worry.

The girls were waiting for my pre-office hour appointment. I would call it the perks of celebrity, but that wouldn't cut it with Tiffany. She'd only come in early for a friend, and that was even better.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Rhonda. She glanced at Tiffany who hummed as she mixed chemicals in a plastic bowl.

"It's either this or a gun. I don't want to use a gun."

"You need to find some middle ground in your life. Dr. Phil says choosing extremes is not crushing it; it's crushing you." Rhonda tapped a finger against her lip. "Or maybe that was Dr. Oz. Wendy Williams? I can't remember."

"Me? I'd take the gun any day." Tiffany grinned and waved a paintbrush. "But this is going to be fun."

I squirmed in my chair. "Remember, I still have to look fabulous. Theodore's party is tonight. You're coming with me, right?"

"A Black Pine party. I've never done a downtown party." Rhonda fingered her long tresses. "I think I need a change, too, Tiff."

"One subject at a time." Tiffany cackled.

I swiveled to study Tiffany. "You're licensed for hair, right? You know what you're doing? Because my hair has been through the Hollywood ringer with chemicals, heat, and products. I don't have natural body or thickness. It's all an illusion."

"It's not that much of an illusion," said Rhonda. "But we know hair. Right, Tiff?"

I sighed. Ted Gibson, they were not. But it wasn't like I could afford Ted Gibson anymore. I'd already seen the brown contacts and outfit they'd picked out for me. I wasn't just getting a disguise; I was getting uglified. "Now that we've figured out that someone is trying to kill me—"

"Girl." Rhonda's hands flew to her mouth. "That's bad juju. Don't say it out loud."

"Voldemort isn't trying to kill her," said Tiffany. "It's the reality of the situation."

"You just don't have the issue with violence that I do, Tiff," said Rhonda. "There are things you don't say to the universe. Like cancer. Or tax audit. Hammer toes. It's bad juju. Everyone knows that."

"Anyhoo," I said. "We're pretty sure it's because I saw the dead Cam-Cam who is not Cambria. I need to figure out who the woman is. I can't stop thinking about her family and friends and how much they must miss her."

We took a moment to let that sink in. During the moment, Tiffany tossed a cape and towel over my shoulders and began pinning my hair into sections. I said a silent prayer for the dead lookalike and another for my hair.

16 MILLIMETERS, a Romantic Comedy Mystery Novel (Maizie Albright Star Detective book 2)


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