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Y'all I'm so thrilled to have another Maizie Albright Star Detective in the stores for you! And I'm even more thrilled by the love from reviewers and fans over this book and series.

A Chick Who Reads review of 18 CALIBER

Thanks so much for all those who came to my Facebook Live launch party and for those who listened and watched the reading later. Congrats to my winners -- Stacie, Paula, and Irma -- from the party!

I'm also excited to see the reviews from the book tour and early reviewers:

18 Caliber was my first Maizie Albright Star Detective Mystery—I’m hoping it won’t be my last. I loved this former child star who’s trying to make a new life for herself as a detective. She’s spunky, but broken; beautiful, but insecure; and comes with an A-list cast of supporting characters. This was a fun read—a fast-paced caper that kept me entertained until the end.” — Terry Ambrose, author of the Trouble in Paradise McKenna Mysteries

A fabulous story. I loved the craziness of Maizie and her family.” — Andrea, A Chick Who Reads

“The characters are fantastic, hilarious and well developed. There is a great mystery, riddled with secrets, drama and deceit. A little romance added in and this is the perfect book. I highly recommend the other books in the series as well.” — Miss W Book Reviews

"Action filled cozy."

"It deserves six stars."

"I absolutely loved this book."

"Hilarious romcom mystery."

"My new favorite."

"Tremendously entertaining. "A fun story that is fast-paced from the get go."

The 18 CALIBER virtual book tour is going on now. Be sure to check in and enter the giveaway for a $20 Amazon gift card! Tap here to check out the tour!

18 CALIBER virtual book tour

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