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19 CRIMINALS' book review!

So excited to share the first review on the 19 CRIMINALS virtual book tour! (Totally made my Monday!)

First stop was former librarian, Sarah's blog, "Sarah Can't Stop Reading." Tap below to continue reading her review and learn how to sign up for the Great Escapes Tour giveaway!

While 19 Criminals is book eight in Larissa Reinhart’s Maizie Albright Star Detective series, it reads easily as a standalone romantic comedy mystery. If readers are new to this series like I was, I encourage you to join me going back to book one 15 Minutes: A Romantic Comedy Mystery Novel, which, as I write this, is free on Amazon. I enjoyed this book so much I knew I wanted to read everything that came before it. I love knowing I have reading treats ahead of me! 

19 Criminals, Maizie Albright Star Detective 8, by Larissa Reinhart "New Release"


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