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19 CRIMINALS cover reveal

I'm so excited to share the cover for the upcoming release of Maizie Albright Star Detective!

I shared the cover with my VIP Readers first, along with a special offer just for them, so if you'd like first dibs like that, tap the VIP Reader button at the top of my website and get your name on my list!

A special note for the VIP Readers:

If you think you're a VIP Reader, but didn't get the cover reveal email from me, check your junk folder. Move my email into your inbox, so it's "whitelisted" (meaning you approve getting emails from me).

If you don't see one in your junk folder, I sincerely apologize but you might need to sign up again. My email program asked me to "clean" my list of people who don't look at the emails. I suspect some folks might have gotten deleted who maybe still wanted them.

Without further ado, here's the cover reveal for 19 CRIMINALS, Maizie Albright Star Detective Book 8, releasing January 16th!

IS IT CONSIDERED STALKING YOUR BOYFRIEND IF HE'S INVOLVED IN YOUR MURDER INVESTIGATION? (ASKING FOR A FRIEND) Turner & Hooch meets Mr. & Mrs. Smith in the eighth book of the Wall Street Journal bestselling Maizie Albright Star Detective series! #WannabeMrsSmith Ex-celebrity and current (assistant) private investigator Maizie Albright finds her already strange life has become even odder. Her new partner is 150 pounds and canine. And her ex-partner/still-boyfriend is on the wrong side of her infidelity case. Not that Wyatt Nash is cheating. At least not on Maizie. She thinks Nash is cheating on his boss—her dad. Which sounds much worse than it is. Except it is (maybe) worse than it sounds… It's Spy vs Spy—or rather, Detective vs Detective—when Maizie and Nash realize they're both tailing the same subject for very different reasons. Can Maizie out-investigate Nash to learn the secrets he’s probing into at her father’s company? Secrets she fears are much darker (and stinkier) than the secret DeerNose formula. Secrets possibly related to old rivalries and a recent murder. Her relationship is on the line, but it's more than her heart at stake. Her career rests on this case. And there’s a killer at large. One who will do anything to keep dark secrets from getting dragged into the light. Order 19 Criminals today and find out why readers call the Maizie Albright series “tremendously entertaining” and “a great combination of mystery, comedy, and a little romance.”


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