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It's a Book Birthday Anniversary for Cherry Tucker! (And a special sale for you!)

It's been five years since the publication of Still Life in Brunswick Stew, a Cherry Tucker Mystery #2. I can't believe it! To celebrate we have a second edition with a new cover and book additions like author notes on my ideas for writing Still Life and my own recipe for Brunswick Stew!

What's more we're celebrating with a sale on Cherry Tucker Mystery #1, Portrait of a Dead Guy, for a limited time. Get Portrait for .99 and Still Life for $2.99. Grab both ebooks for less than $4!

Here's me talking about Still Life while I make Brunswick stew. My daughter had some fun filming me. ;) By the way, we had it for dinner & it was delicious. Perfect comfort food for this rainy summer weather. Like BBQ + stew!

Get your copy today!

Still Life in Brunswick Stew

Portrait of a Dead Guy

Still Life in Brunswick Stew, A Cherry Tucker Mystery #2

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