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Kindle Countdown! 15 MINUTES is 99c for a short time

The Kindle Countdown has begun! It's my first Kindle Countdown so it's VERY EXCITING! 15 Minutes, Maizie Albright Star Detective #1, is 99c for 7 days (8/21-8/27).

Get 15 MINUTES for 99c this week only!

16 Millimeters is still available as a free read in Kindle Unlimited. Which is also super exciting because 16 Millimeters is a finalist in 2 Silver Falchion categories: Best Cozy Mystery and Reader's Choice Best Cozy Mystery! Check out my new pretty below. ☺️ We'll find out this weekend who won both awards. (!!)

Silver Falchion Finalist medal

That was a lot of exclamation points for one paragraph. Pardon me.

For those of you who don't Kindle, no worries. 15 & 16 will be available everywhere again in a month. All my other books are still available everywhere. And look for NC-17 coming this fall! I was inspired by my daughters' obsession with YouTube and the craziness that is Hollywood, as usual, for that book. (Also Big Foot, but that's another thing.) I must be getting old. The fact that there are YouTube stars blows my mind.

Also in exciting local news, a ramen truck was hijacked (I can't get over it. Who wants $97,000 in ramen? I NEED to use this in a book. Somehow.) and our local little league team is in the Little League World Series. We are glued to the games at night. The boys are so much fun to watch.

During the day, I am glued to my computer as usual. Working hard at NC-17 and dreaming about the next books to write. Who are you dying to read about next?

If you have young ones in your home, my friend Julie Moffett has a young adult detective series called White Knights. The first book will be on sale August 22-28 for .99 and the next book releases in the fall. I am always looking for books for my girls, which is why I wanted to share this with you! Learn more on White Knights:

And here's my latest giveaway for my newsletter subscribers only! My friend Diane Vallere has a new mystery series out that's super cute. I'm giving away 5 Kindle copies of the first book in the Sylvia Striker Space Case series, FLY ME TO THE MOON. The second Sylvia Striker book, I'M YOUR VENUS, released this week!

Want to enter? I have special giveaways for my subscribers every month. Tap here to learn more about getting my newsletter.

Here is the link to all the August new releases & deals from my writing friends that I put on my blog every month:

I hope you're having a great summer!


The Maizie Albright Series

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