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Happy Release Day Maizie Albright!

It's release week for NC-17, Maizie Albright Star Detective #3! Woot! This book feels like such a long time coming. The release got pushed up several times, but 17's finally here!

NC-17 Maizie Albright Star Detective #3

For the preorder & release week, the ebook is available for $2.99 but starting 12/9, NC-17 goes back to the regular retail price. Don't delay!

Here are what the early reviews are saying about NC-17!

“What started out as a simple tailing of Roger Price has turned into so much more. I love Mazie and her hot mess of everything." -- Paula Ratcliffe, Community Bookstop

“This novel is guaranteed to keep readers interested from start to finish. I highly recommend this fast-paced, funny, and interesting mystery.” — author Diane Rapp

“This is a fantastic addition to the Maizie Albright series. The author has weaved a complex and intricate plot with many threads that come together to create a satisfying reading experience. With humor, suspense, action, and a bit of romance, there is something for everyone in this book. I look forward to reading what happens next.” — Kristine, A Cozy Book Nook

"NC-17, the latest Maizie Albright mystery, by Larissa Reinhart, is fabulous!" -- D Latrell

"Mazie’s back! And I for one am very glad to see her. A great addition to a fun series. Highly Recommended. 5/5." -- Andrea S

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