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15 MINUTES now as an #Audiobook

So thrilled for all the positive reviews from the 15 MINUTES Audiobook tour!

15 MINUTES audiobook

Here's what reviewers are saying:

"The first book in the Maizie Albright Star Detective Mystery series is quite a riot! Never a dull moment; 15 Minutes is brimming with excitement and nervous energy. I thought narrator Joan Dukore was a great fit and did a great job nailing the story. Her voice matched the youthful, frenetic pace of the book, including capturing several eccentric personalities!” —Benjamin Thomas, Audiospy (very excited about this one because Benjamin also runs Mystery/Thriller Week, an online reader convention, every year) “Talk about sitting on the edge of your seat reading. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series! 5 stars” — Uma Kayla G, Book Lover in Florida “Overall, 15 Minutes was cute and fun, the perfect fluffy mystery. The mystery element was interesting enough, but I loved the character dynamics best. I listened to the audiobook and the narrator did a good job with personality for Maizie as well as with different voices for the side characters."—Smada’s Book Smack "In all, 15 Minutes is a fun story… in a nutshell, it’s pure escapism. The narration managed to perfectly deliver the girly squealing that sums Maizie up, as well as being easy to follow for all of the other characters. Entertaining, light-hearted fun.” — Lynne Fellows, Just4MyBooks “There are times when I need a few good laughs with a book and I had more than a few with Maizie and everybody else in 15 Minutes. This story is full of charm and humor as well as a good puzzle and narrator Joan Dukore brings it all to life. — Lelia Taylor, Buried Under Books "I know that I will for sure be listening to more books that this narrator read because I loved her voice. A super fun book to listen to.” — Margaret, The World As I See It "Overall, the story will entertain readers who like cozy mysteries, amateur detectives, and chicklit. Reinhart has some intriguing characters, portraying strength, doubt, desire, mystery, and a healthy dose of discernible. Dukore’s narration is amusing, allowing the reader to get an accurate sense of the characters and how they react to certain situations." —Turning Another Page

If you want to know more on the background of the "Making of the 15 MINUTE Audiobook," be sure to check out these articles and interviews I did for the tour: An interview on the "making of" at Book Lover in Florida The Spotify music playlist I made for Maizie and Nash at Jazzy Book Reviews (Tell me if there's a song you think I need to add and I'll do it!) A Character Interview with Maizie Albright on Nesie's Place An interview with Joan Dukore, narrator for the Maizie series, on Viviana McKade's blog It's been a while since the original book has been out, so it's very exciting to see the response to the audiobook. I'm especially excited to read the responses to Joan's version of Maizie! Check out the audiobook here: 15 MIN on Audible 15 MIN audiobook on Amazon 15 MIN audiobook on iTunes. Listen to a free sample on SoundCloud or at my website.

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