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April New Books & Book Deals

Updated: Apr 9

April is showering us with books! Check out new book releases in crime thrillers, cozy mysteries, and humorous mysteries from my writing friends plus a mood-lifting book event throughout April!

New book Releases

The Man Who Came Back


A Shee McQueen Mystery Thriller 7

by Amy Vansant

Releases April 30

When Mason’s fellow retired SEAL buddy, Arturo, invites him and Shee to his lake house for the weekend. Eager for a well-deserved break from their benevolent mercenary work at Loggerhead Inn, they arrive to find a passable vacation cabin, a beautiful lake view, a half-eaten sub, and no Arturo.

Capped by Closing Costs


A Flamingo Realty Mystery 14

by CeeCee James

Released March 26

99¢ Special Release Price through April

Stella O’Neil eagerly arranges a showing for Dude Ranch. The property, nestled amidst rolling hills and vibrant green pastures, has attracted potential buyers from far and wide. As the day of the showing arrives, a select group of interested buyers and enthusiasts gather at the horse farm. Little did anyone know that this showing would soon turn into a chilling mystery.

Secrets & Suspicions


A Clean Sweep Cozy Mystery 6

by Dianne Harman

Releases April 15!

Dante, a man shrouded in mystery and using a name that isn't his own, becomes the focus of their investigation. From the serene settings of Alma to the hidden corners of Ricardo's Steak House, a place tied to Dante's past, Jane and Abby embark on a journey to uncover the truth. This quest leads them through a labyrinth of deceit, revealing hidden connections and the lengths people will go to protect their secrets.

There’s Something About Gary


Val Fremden Strikes Again 2

by Margaret Lashley

Releases April 9

Out to track down her boyfriend Tom or die trying, everyone Val meets seems like a potential suspect. Especially her new coworker, Gary. Ever since he showed up, women around town have begun disappearing. And the macabre clues left behind at each woman’s last known address keep Val on the run like a chicken with its head cut off.

The Jazz Cat Murders


An Agatha & Smitty Murder Mystery

by Sara M. Barton

Released February 13

In their very first case together, cozy mystery author “Agatha” and homicide investigator “Smitty” work together to catch a dangerous serial killer who is murdering talented jazz musicians.

Book Deals

Glad One audiobook

GLAD ONE: Crazy is a Relativee Term

A Val Fremden Midlife Mystery

by Margaret Lashley

Read by Sarah Pesek

Audible audiobook sale through April


Mood-Lifting ebook event

AuthorsXP Mood-Lifting Book Event

Fun, Funny & Happy books

Celebrating April Fool's all month

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