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Black Friday Sale for Kobo, iBooks, Nook

#WannabeDetective, Maizie Albright Star Detective books 1-3 omnibus, is 99¢ (or similar outside the US) from November 26-29 on Kobo, iBooks/Applebooks, and Nook only.


For fans of romantic comedy mysteries like Meg Cabot's SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT and Stephanie Bond's BODY MOVERS, The Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Larissa Reinhart, brings her fans the first 3 books in the Maizie Albright Star Detective series.

”Child star and hilarious hot mess Maizie Albright trades Hollywood for the backwoods of Georgia and pure delight ensues. Maizie's my new favorite escape from reality.”— Gretchen Archer, USA TODAY bestselling author of the Davis Way Crime Caper series

#WannabeDetective When ex-teen star Maizie Albright returns to her Southern hometown of Black Pine, Georgia, she hoped to rid herself of Hollywood tabloid and reality show hell for a new career as a private investigator, modeled after her childhood starring role as "Julia Pinkerton, Teen Detective."

Instead, Hollyweird follows her home. Her stage-monster mother still demands screen time. Her latest rival wants her kicked off the set, preferably back to a California prison. And she's still costar crushing, but now for her would-be boss.

For a license in Georgia, she needs training and there's only one private eye in town, Wyatt Nash of Nash Security Solutions. He's got a hard body, Paul Newman eyes, and no interest in having an ex-actress for an apprentice.

Particularly after she loses the client's wife on the first day…

Maizie's got a big learning curve to overcome to make it as a real-life Julia Pinkerton. The jobs will demand the performance of a lifetime. But this time, the stakes are real and may prove deadly.

Start The Wall Street Journal bestselling series and download #WannabeDetective today!

"A great mix of Hollywood with Southern charm.”

Books in the first box set:




"Maizie Albright is the kind of fresh, fun, and feisty star detective' I love spending time with!"—Penny Warner, Author of Death of a Chocolate Cheater and The Code Busters Club

"I encourage readers to delve into this lively, funny, and genuinely satisfying series." —Cynthia Chow, Kings River Life Magazine

"Sassy, sexy, and fun, 15 Minutes is hours of enjoyment—and a wonderful start to a fun new series from the charmingly Southern-fried Reinhart.”— Phoebe Fox, author of The Breakup Doctor series

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