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#FridayFunday VIP Reader magnet & sticker drawing!

Aren't these the cutest?

VIP Reader sticker
VIP Reader magnet

Are you one of my VIP Readers? If not, tap the pink button above & sign up! Then enter the drawing below to win my latest swag a VIP Reader magnet & sticker plus some other goodies!

What's a VIP Reader? My extra special readers who receive a monthly email from me that includes book news and exclusive drawings, downloads, and freebies.

My VIP Readers are number 1 in getting my 411!

VIP Readers signed up now will be just in time for an extra special giveaway in my May email. Five emails, actually! Starting May 6th, A FREE BOOK A DAY FOR FIVE DAYS from my writing friends just in time for Mother's Day! (Not implying that you go this cheap on your Mother's day gift. It's just a bonus! LOL)

The VIP Reader magnet & sticker drawing ends May 1, just in time for the Mother's Day giveaway.<3!

Enter the drawing by using the Rafflecopter link or widget below (both go to the same drawing).

I use Rafflecopter for giveaways to ensure the drawing is completely random and your email is legit. I’ll email you back from so look for my email when I announce the winners.

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