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January New Mystery Releases & Book Deals

Updated: Jan 5

Winter is upon us. It is cold this year in Georgia, but my daffodils are still coming up (they always start in December and bloom in February). Cold weather makes for good reading, don't you think? Cozy up and check out January's new mysteries releasing from my friends (and me!)

19 Criminals by Larissa Reinhart


Maizie Albright Star Detective book 8

by Larissa Reinhart

Releases January 16th

IS IT CONSIDERED STALKING YOUR BOYFRIEND IF HE'S INVOLVED IN YOUR MURDER INVESTIGATION? (ASKING FOR A FRIEND) Turner & Hooch meets Mr. & Mrs. Smith in the eighth book of the Wall Street Journal bestselling Maizie Albright Star Detective series. For fans of rom-com mysteries—readers who like quirky characters, funny fast-paced plots, and amateur sleuthing heroines who earnestly agonize over (but not between) murder and marriage.

Wedding Blitz by Sam Cheever


Silver Hills Cozy Mysteries book 11

by Sam Cheever

Released January 2

Come to Silver Hills, where nothing is impervious to murder and chaos, even a long-awaited wedding.


Agnes and Hertz are finally getting married. It would be nice to report that all was going to go as planned. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with Flo and Co. and their propensity for finding bodies everywhere they go. 

Ransom by Dianne Harman


Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series 5

by Dianne Harman

Releases January 12, 2024

In the idyllic town of Cedar Bay, Oregon, a shocking event disrupts the calm: the kidnapping of little Jolie Conner, daughter of Senator Cash Conner. Ransom is a riveting political thriller that weaves a complex tapestry of ambition, betrayal, and corruption, set against the backdrop of a small community shaken by a child's disappearance.

Death & German Chocolate by Tanya R Taylor


The Nosy Paralegal Mystery Series book 3

by Tanya R. Taylor

Released December 26, 2023

Tap for Tanya's Personal Bookstore (where the book is discounted!)

Mary Grisham, receptionist at J. Wilfred & Co, has been accused of a most heinous crime. Will the best lawyer in town be able to clear her name?

What initially began as a missing persons' case soon turns into a high-profile murder investigation with Carlton named as the prime suspect. After all, the nineteen-year-old son of wealthy scientists had suddenly become heir to his parents' massive fortune.

Pineapply Wedding by Amy Vansant


A Pineapple Port Mystery

by Amy Vansant

Releases February 27!

Someone is trying to sabotage a local wedding venue out of business. A goat invasion during their latest event pushes the owner to call on Charlotte and Declan of the Charlock Holmes detective agency for help. Short on funds, she offers to pay them with a free wedding, which pushes them to start planning their nuptials and collecting other businesses willing to trade detecting for wedding favors.

The Cabin Conspiracy


A Flamingo Realty Mystery book 13

by CeeCee James

Releases January 8

Georgie invites Stella to come stay at her aunt’s bee farm for the week. It’s a vacation, right?

All is fun and games until the local gardener is murdered and Aunt Penelope is taken to jail as the suspect. No one can believe sweet Penelope has been arrested, especially Stella. But Georgie confesses her aunt has a strange past.


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