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June New Releases & Book Deals

It's beach read season! Time to fill your reading device &/or book bag!

Here are June's new releases in cozy mysteries, paranormal women's fiction, and funny romantic mysteries from some of my writing friends.

June's New Releases

One Bad Bounce and You’re Toast


Midlife Muddle book 4

by Sam Cheever

Releasing June 11

My name is Raelene Kitt. My friends call me Rae. Not Kit Kat or Kitten, despite what my ex-husband told the local newspaper. Bless his heart. I’m a traveler. Not the suitcase-bearing, sunscreen-wearing, snotty hotel clerk glaring kind of traveler. I travel through dimensions taking on bad guys…er…monsters. And occasionally I take on problems at home. Such as when the King of the Ghouls decided to dig himself a kingdom in our local ballpark a few weeks ago. Or like now, when a weird contagion has overcome the city. And somebody’s decided I’m the right person to fix it.  Awesome.

Pineapple Pirates


Pineapple Port Mystery book 21

by Amy Vansant

Releases June 18

Charlotte and Declan enjoy a free honeymoon on the Bahamian island of Duppy Cay in return for investigating who’s been vandalizing the local resort. The trade seems like a deal until someone tries to kill the island’s most colorful character. There’s no shortage of trouble for such a small island—a pirate’s curse, angry ghosts, shipwrecks, hidden pirate caves..

 19 Criminals, Maizie Albright Star Detective Audiobook 7


Maizie Albright Star Detective Audiobook 7

Read by Joan Dukore

Releasing soon!

IS IT CONSIDERED STALKING YOUR BOYFRIEND IF HE'S INVOLVED IN YOUR MURDER INVESTIGATION? (ASKING FOR A FRIEND) #WannabeMrsSmith Ex-celebrity and current (assistant) private investigator Maizie Albright finds her already strange life has become even odder. Her new partner is 150 pounds and canine. And her ex-partner/still-boyfriend is on the wrong side of her infidelity case.

June's Book Deals

No One Lives Twice


A Lexi Carmichael Mystery

by Julie Moffett

$1.99 sale (limited time)

Get your geek on! Prepare for adventure with reformed hacker and trouble magnet Lexi Carmichael as she does whatever it takes to help the good guys win.

Moth Busters


Freaky Florida Investigations book 1

by Margaret Lashley

Free for Amazon Prime Members in June Tap for Amazon

Love The X Files? Stranger Things? Psych?This funny, fast-paced paranormal series is for you! Dive into your first Freaky Florida Investigation today. With unique plots and twists and turns you'll never see coming, this humorous take on the supernatural is the smart, addictive, hilarious escape you've been yearning for!

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