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A Maizie Albright RomCom Mystery Hardcover Giveaway!

'Tis the season for giving! And you'll be helping me, too! I have extra hardcover copies of 18 1/2 DISGUISES, Maizie Albright Star Detective's last full novel — but not for long! 19 CRIMINALS releases in January!

I'm giving away three hardcover copies of the rom-com mystery to three lucky winners! In the picture below, can you see the hardcover with the old cover design on the dust jacket? Won't you help me clear out my old copies? Instructions for the giveaway are below!

Hardcover giveaway for 18 1/2 Disguises
Hardcover giveaway for 18 1/2 Disguises

The giveaway ends December 20th and is open to any country where the US mail can deliver. The only requirement is your name and email, so I can contact the winner. It won't reach you in time for Christmas, but some lucky winner will (hopefully) have some happy reading in the new year!

18 1/2 DISGUISES, A RomCom Mystery Novel, Hardcover Giveaway

If the above entry doesn't work, you may also click the button below to enter on the Rafflecopter site. Sometimes tech happens... lol

18 1/2 DISGUISES, Maizie Albright Star Detective 7


“A mixture of adventure, mystery, and romcom. So like Hollywood, you'll never figure out what is real and what is make-believe until you reach the end.” — Laura’s Interests

#DisguisedDetectiving Maizie Albright might have once played a (teenage) private investigator on TV, but she’s now living the part. Her (mother’s) name is on her business cards. Her (boss’s) appointment book is brimming with new clients. And her bank account has grown large enough to finally trade in her dirt bike for an actual new (pre-owned) vehicle.

And then there’s Wyatt Nash. Love of her life. Future father of her…


And then there’s Wyatt Nash. Future partner in her business. Because Nash is now working for her father. Not the private investigation business that’s waiting for Nash to get out of the red so they can get on with…

Just what, Maizie isn’t so sure.But she is sure about one thing. She’s ready to take on her own cases. To prove to (herself) her friends and family, she’s more than just a (washed-up actress) assistant private eye. And when Maizie finds her costume designer friend killed during a masquerade gala, it’s the opportunity Maizie hoped she’d never get. An investigation into an old friend’s murder. One that’s put her new friend, Rhonda, in jeopardy.

While the police begin their inquiries, Maizie starts her own case. She’s needling Black Pine’s wealthy do-gooders, threading through lies, stitching together clues, and ripping out false leads. Her investigation may cost Maizie her job, her relationships, and her life. But by unspooling the truth, Maizie’s darned if they stop her from catching a killer who’s sew evil, it’s shear madness.

“I highly recommend this series and definitely start with Book 1, you won't be sorry!!! Well written characters and a great mystery. I cannot wait to see what happens next!” — Miss W Book Reviews

"Maize is a fun character that is on the ball trying to figure out and navigate investigations. She's growing. This series has been fun and I am looking forward to the next one." — My Reading Journey

"This series is always good for a little suspense; plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing and this installment doesn't disappoint." — Samantha, Cozy Tea Cottage

"Maizie’s interior observations and the clever banter continue throughout the series, especially at her lowest moments. A murder board gone wrong is nearly the capper that pushes Maizie over the edge, but it is her late-in-adulthood maturity and dedication to her new profession that has her ultimately uncovering the truth." — Cynthia Chow, King’s River Life Magazine


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