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#StayHomeAndRead Mega Weekend Sale

I'm collecting links to grab book discounts going on this weekend. Some were planned as a spring sale and some are offered by authors who want to help those homebound and/or encourage readers to stay home!

By clicking the links, you'll find another site listing the discounted books.

Happy Reading & Stay Safe!

Larissa's Writing Friends' March New Releases & Book Deals

Link to my March New Releases & Book Discounts from my writing friends:

Cozy Mystery Spring Fling Sale

Spring Fling Cozy Mystery Sale

Link to the Cozy Mystery sale thru 3/21

LitRing's Color Your World with Kindle Unlimited

LitRing's Kindle Unlimited Amazon card giveaway

More than mysteries, you'll find every genre here, free on Kindle Unlimited and available on Kindle.

Link to LitRing's selection of Kindle Unlimited books + Amazon Gift Card giveaway:

Spring Break Goes Great with Kindle Unlimited

Spring Break Goes Great with Kindle Unlimited

Another selection of free Kindle Unlimited books from a variety of genres.

Link to Spring Break Goes Great with KU:

I'm offering my first Maizie Albright Star Detective book, 15 MINUTES, for free through the shutdown. It's available for most devices and most countries.

15 MINUTES, Maizie Albright Star Detective #1

What happens when a ex-star tries to recreate her most famous role as a private detective? "Raucous and addictive reading!"

Link to 15 MINUTES, Maizie Albright Star Detective #1:

Share with your friends who are homebound & enjoy a bit of humor. I really hope it brightens their day!



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