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A View to a Chill-Now in Paperback!

A View to a Chill by Larissa Reinhart

I'm so excited! A VIEW TO A CHILL has been an ebook and FINALLY is a paperback!

Just saw the proofs and I love how the alternating Maizie Albright and Cherry Tucker chapters look with their personalized logos as headings.

Want to have A View to a Chill signed for gift giving? Just email me and I'll send you a signed bookplate that you can stick inside the book! Plus some bookmarks to make it really special. :) Don't forget to let me know for whom to sign it and your snail mail address!

This teaser is from a Cherry Tucker chapter (she and Maizie Albright have alternating points of view in this Rashomon-styled mystery):

I WOKE to find a hand covering my eyes. My body jerked, but I didn't have the strength to buck. I opened my mouth to scream, but could only muster a low howl.The hand jerked off my eyes.

"What in the hell was that?" I recognized the voice of my sister, Casey. "Is she dying?"

My vision cleared. Grandpa Ed's woman, Pearl, loomed over me. She wore a concerned look and a Christmas sweatshirt. The sweatshirt had a pyramid of goats, each with an ornament hanging from its mouth. The kid on top held a star between its hooves.

"She's burning up with fever. Bet it's the flu." Pearl held her hand away from her sweatshirt. "I need to wash up. Don't want to get my goats sick with this. Looks ugly." I moaned and rolled over, eyeing Casey's lean against the doorway. On a cold and wet December twenty-third, Casey wore a tank top, yoga pants, and flip-flops. In keeping with the season, the tank top read, "One of Santa's ho's." It was stretched over a rounded belly that didn't quite meet the top of the yoga pants. "I'm sorry you're feeling so bad," said Casey. "But I don't want the baby sick, so I'm not coming in your room." "You should go," I whimpered. "Let me die in peace." "Who dies from the flu?" She rolled her eyes. Casey wasn't much of a history or science buff, but I could tell she was concerned. Enough that she'd brought Pearl to check on me. The sort-of step-grandparent we never wanted. "I made you chicken soup." My parched mouth oozed drool, causing my stomach to roll. "No food talk. And stand still. You keep rockin', and it's making me nauseous." "I'm not moving. I'll leave the soup in the—”

She backed into the kitchen until I returned from the bathroom. During that time, Pearl had stripped the bed, remade it, and placed an assortment of Gatorades on my nightstand. Red, blue, and green. Christmasy. My stomach took another roll. "Now then." Pearl placed a cool cloth on my head, tucked me into the hospital-cornered quilt, and squirted her hands with sanitizer. "What's all this about reporting a crime?" I stared at my Snug the Coonhound painting above my bed. The last few hours were hazy. Snug was no help. He continued to undulate. "Ma'am?" "Honey, you called the police. Beth Ann Simmons is filling in for Tamara and couldn't understand a word you said. Everyone knows you're sick, so they sent an ambulance over. Not an ambulance, really. That was needed with…well, never mind that. You don't need the details. The town is just a mess. And Line Creek has all their emergency people up on the interstate because of a pileup. Anyways, Sheriff Thompson sent June Peterson in her minivan in case you needed transport. But you didn't answer the door, so June went home. That's when she called Casey. Casey called your Grandpa Ed, and he sent me. Here we are."

"Good thing I'm not dying," I croaked. "I'd have to haunt June Peterson.”

A View to a Chill

"Chaos, Criminals, Catastrophic Weather, and a Whole Lot of Crazy.”

From Wall Street Journal bestselling mystery author, Larissa Reinhart. The seventh in the award-winning Cherry Tucker Southern Cozy Mystery series and the third in the Maizie Albright Star Detective series.

“It was fun watching Maize and Cherry do what they do best, helping each other, indirectly, along the way in this engagingly entertaining drama. I look forward to more adventures together or separately with these lovable characters.” —Dru Ann Love, Dru’s Book Musing

May Your Days Be Cherry & Albright… When Halo's most notorious artist, Cherry Tucker, thinks she sees a crime through her bedroom window, her feverish claims are ignored by her family. Trapped in bed, influenza is the least of her problems. Deputy Luke Harper can't be found. She can’t tell fevered dream from reality. And a very bad Santa knows Cherry’s spotted his Christmas killing. It's going to take a Christmas miracle for Cherry to recover.

Meanwhile, ex-celebrity and #WannabeDetective Maizie Albright’s determined to help an elderly woman find her missing granddaughter despite her private investigator boss (and not-so-secret crush) Wyatt Nash’s claims that the grandmother’s annual plea is nothing but a dangerously wild goose chase. This holiday, Maizie’s search takes her away from her family and Nash to Halo, Georgia, where a storm threatens her nerves and her quest. When a deviant Santa learns Maizie’s looking for the granddaughter, he put Maizie on his naughty list. This Santa may get his holly jollies from murder.

“If you love southern settings with plenty of sweet tea and eccentric characters, the meetup of these two heroines is epic. Not only did I race through the pages, but I immediately headed over to download the first book in the series.” — Barb Taub, humor writer and author of the Null City series

“I love the characters Cherry Tucker and Maizie Albright and this mystery brings the two of them together in the same book. Everything I love about both series is here. If you've read either of the two series, I highly recommend this one.” — Michelle, Michelle’s Romantic Tangle

"A quick read, but it has laughs and reflections on life and the holidays. Well-written. Although pulling the main characters from two series, this is easily read as a stand-alone mystery. Enjoyed it.” — Christa Nardi — Christa Reads and Writes

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