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Why I Like...Leanne Morgan

Why I like...Leanne Morgan's Netflix special, "I'm Every Woman."

I actually heard about Leanne Morgan from my friend Tracy Sands who saw her live in Greenville, SC. She raved about Leanne and my interest was piqued, to say the least. Tracy is a born and bred local Georgian and a gifted artist who found her calling doing The Christian Alphabet. She is a funny gal herself, and I trust her with my increasingly old-fashioned tastes.

(I think some women hit menopause and go one way. I went the other. In high school, I wanted to live in the Big Apple. Now I want to live and die in Mayberry.)

Anyway, my DH and I checked her out on YouTube. We thought she was hilarious and waited anxiously for this Netflix special. We like Southern comedians because we get their jokes. Leanne's also a mother (now grandmother) and married and mostly tells stories about her family. We like comedy about families for the same reason we like Southern comedians. We understand their jokes.

My DH and I have reached an age where we might have wisdom but no longer have understanding. We went to college and came out with degrees in history and art history. We have lived overseas. I am fairly well-read. My DH knows how to fix stuff. But we now have teenage daughters. There are BUCKETS we don't understand now. LOADS. Some days I feel like I have been transplanted to another planet while I slept. Woke up and I don't speak or understand the language. I can't use the TV anymore. I can barely work my phone.

But I have experience in that. I lived in Japan for six years. I couldn't use the TV there, either. That's where wisdom helps. We use wisdom to navigate our lack of understanding of the world these days.

This is why we very much enjoyed Mrs. Morgan's comedy. We not only understood it, we related. First and foremost, though, she is downright funny. She (seemingly) naturally gets comedic timing and beats and how to deliver. Has a few catchphrase lines. All the things that make for a great comedian. Plus, she's an extremely gifted storyteller (like many Southerners).

If I had to put a tag on her, I'd call her a female Jeff Foxworthy. I don't know how she'd feel about that. Hopefully, good.

If Southern comedy appeals to you, check out Leanne Morgan on Netflix. I think you'll find her funny.

SHAMELESS PLUG: And if you do, you might also like my #hicklit Cherry Tucker Mystery series.

Cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains by Dawn Gaddis (Unsplash)

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