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#WisdomWednesday with Maizie Albright in 15 MINUTES

Wisdom Wednesday quote from 15 MINUTES

“Oh my stars. You can't have black eyes. You're Maizie Albright." Rhonda slapped ice into the towel and slammed it across my nose. A new trickle of blood ran across the top of my lip. Wincing, I handed back the Diet Coke so I could hold the new towel between my eyes. "Honey, you keep ice on it now, then drink lots of coffee and do a mashed banana facial," said Barb. "The caffeine and bananas will make your capillaries shrink." "I thought you were supposed to use raw steak," said Jenna. "Not bananas. Pineapples," said Tin Foil. "Good Lord," said the stylist Shelly to Tin Foil. "Look at the time. I've got to rinse off the solution before your hair falls out." "Ice now. Warm compress in two days," said Wet Hair. "I was a nurse." Thanking them, I scooted off my seat to scoop my spilled contents back into my Chloé bag. I examined the bent Jet-Setters and tossed them into Tiffany's trashcan. Tiffany peered at me through half-slitted lids, her words working around the cigarette. "When can I expect the next subpoena?" "I'm not going to sue you, Tiffany. I'll prove it to you. “ Let me buy you a drink tonight. Anywhere you want. In Black Pine," I added, unsure if Tiffany'd try to hustle me into a limo to Atlanta. Or a plane to Paris. That happened to me once before.

Excerpt From: 15 MINUTES: Maizie Albright Star Detective book 1. by Larissa Reinhart.


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