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Who Are The Criminals?!

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I hope you enjoyed reading Maizie's investigation into Kristi Johnson's murder ...

No. I mean, CrossHair Marketing's illicit deeds ...

Wait. DeerNose's hidden past .... 

The mystery behind Nash's secrecy? 

I got it. The one where she partners with a gigantic bullmastiff named Cuddles, learns that caring for someone (or dog) means sacrificing your own wants, and realizes not only are her relationships more important than her career, she needs those relationships to develop as an investigator and as a human.

And you should never ever feed a dog deviled ham.

Or Doritos.

Or donuts.

Or Hot Clucks chicken sandwiches.

Basically, stick to dog food just to be safe.

And as for the 19 criminals - did you figure it out?

There were 15 saboteurs on Nash's list (including Luella Haney).

16. Dee Mercer Dixon

17. Simon Craig

18. Mrs. Peters

19. Maizie Marlin Albright

Come on! She broke the law!!

Fergy only ate a banana. A misdemeanor, at best.


Thanks for playing along! 

Send me an email at, letting me know you solved the crime.

If you'd like a reward, I'll need your name and snail mail address, so I can send you a bookmark, a signed bookplate, and other goodies!

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Who are the Criminals?
19 Criminals, Maizie Albright Star Detec
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