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A Crooked

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A Cherry Tucker Short Mystery

When a cat dubbed Trouble shows more than curiosity in the house next door, Cherry also becomes intrigued with the goings-on of what seems more than a Mother’s Day reunion. Not only are the visitors packing heat, but it seems they're also smuggling stolen ice. The adage about curiosity and cats is proving true. Not only are the pistol-packin’ mamas prepared to put Cherry and Trouble in a permanent time-out, but they're also threatening Cherry's new niece. Can Cherry and her feline partner stop them?


A Finley Goodhart Crime Caper prequel

When a winter storm traps ex-con Finley at the Pig'N a Poke roadhouse, she finds her criminal past useful in solving a murder.

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A Motherlode of Trouble

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THE PIG'N A POKE, A Finley Goodhart Crime Caper prequel

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