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November New Releases & Book Deals

From my writing friends!

Hey November, it's not January! I could be out enjoying crisp sunshine and colored leaves. But no, it's so cold, I'm gonna STAY INSIDE AND READ!

Wait...Never mind. Works for me. I've got a list of new releases and book deals for my TBR pile below!

New Releases


Chef Dani Rosetti Cozy Mystery book 15

by Dianne Harman

Releases November 16!

Dani lands a dream gig catering for Nashville's music elite at Sienna Rivers' lavish plantation. But the star-studded dinner spirals into chaos when a famed artist meets a deadly fate.


Maizie Albright Star Detective 8

by Larissa Reinhart

Releasing January 16, 2024

It's Spy vs Spy — or rather, Detective vs Detective — when Maizie and Nash realize they're both tailing the same subject for very different reasons. Can Maizie out-investigate Nash to learn the secrets he’s probing into at her father’s company? Her relationship is on the line, but it's more than her heart at stake. Her career rests on this case. And there’s a killer at large. One who will do anything to keep dark secrets from getting dragged into the light.



A Cherry Tucker Mystery 4

by Larissa Reinhart

99¢ on US & UK Kindle Nov 6-11

Cherry Tucker's happy to paint the set at a posh school's theater department until she learns the school's plagued with poison pen texts. When the principal's secretary commits suicide, she suspects foul play. From a small town, Southern cozy series filled with "romance, laughs, and a lot of heart."


A Pineapple Port Mystery 7

by Amy Vansant

99¢ on Kindle Nov 5-11

A Christmas mystery where Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling author Amy Vansant has Pineapple Port's "Santa" found dead...wearing a gingerbread man costume...with a shelf-elf stuffed in his mouth... Just another day in Pineapple Port!


A Pineapple Port Mystery 3

by Amy Vansant

99¢ on Kindle Nov 13-19

After years dormant, the infamous Puzzle Killer returns to Charity, Florida, in search of a rival murderer out to claim the all-time murder record. When two serial killers battle for the throne, Charlotte, her boyfriend Declan, and a naked cat find themselves on the chopping block!


A Country Cousin Mysteries book 2

by Sam Cheever

Ebook sale for 99¢ through the end of November!

A dead Realtor, a cranky cat, an adorable, depressed pibl, and a boyfriend who hasn't been...shall we say...totally honest recently. Joey's got bigger problems than figuring out when she'll get her next slice of banana cream pie. Though that certainly ranks high on her list of concerns.


Magical Mystery Series Books 1-3

by Sam Cheever

Free through the end of November!

3 full-length novels of paranormal cozy adventure fun!

This is no boring librarian shushing people from behind a desk. This librarian corrals rogue magic. But more importantly, she has a frog and a cat, and she’s not afraid to use them!

Check out the AXP Audiobook Sale. Tap here!

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