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October New Releases & Book Deals

Updated: Oct 15

It feels like we went from summer to winter in one fell swoop here in Georgia. The rain came and brought cool weather with it. I don't know about y'all, but I'm staying inside and reading! Check out these new October releases and book deals from my writing friends, grab some books, and read along with me.



A Shee McQueen Mystery Thriller book 6

by Amy Vansant

New Release on September 27

$2 off $5.99 Sale Price during the release month!

Free on Kindle Unlimited

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Mason and Shee travel to Palm Beach to hunt a killer the FBI has nicknamed "Portia"—a type of spider more clever than a black widow. Portia finds a victim and someone to frame for his murder before disappearing with the money—the perfect crime.


The Trailer Park Princess cozy mystery prequel

by Kim Hunt Harris

New Release on October 1

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In this laugh-out-loud cozy mystery, Salem dives headfirst into a world of quirky suspects, baffling clues, and an abundance of canine charisma. Along the way, she uncovers the wild world of pet flipping, where stolen pups are repackaged, resold, and renamed, making mischief and mayhem the name of the game.


A Maizie Albright Star Detective "Between Cases" Mystery Novella

by Larissa Reinhart

New Release on October 1

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When Maize's ex-costar/fiancé Giulio Belloni is arrested for stealing her mother's priceless gold jewelry box — once owned by Marilyn Monroe — Maizie believes Giulio's been framed. As the thefts and suspects multiply, it seems Giulio's enemies number more than his fans. When the police also accuse the Ginger Bombshell of robbery, can Maizie prove Giulio's innocence as well as her own?


Midlife Muddle Book 3

by Sam Cheever

Releases October 24

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Justice and I had been working hard on my magical skills. The borders between dimensions had been quiet for almost a month. And I’d even managed to work my regular part-time gig at The Muddle, helping my best friend keep the human-type boogies at bay. But alas, the sanity was destined to end. And so was my naïve notion that working within my own dimension for a change was going to be familiar and easy. I’m such a putz. But then, what would you expect from a traveler who doesn’t know how to travel?


A Baker Street Mystery book 8

by CeeCee James

Released October 4

99¢ Release sale!

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A Flamingo Cozy and Baker Street Mystery partnership. Stella O'Neil and Georgie Tanner are on the case.

Free recipes!

When the siren goes off in the museum, everyone expected the prized exhibit to be stolen. No one imagined Oscar would disappear with it.


A Shelby Nichols Adventure book 17

by Colleen Helme

Released October 6

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Duty to a mob boss, a rose on a grave, and a cry for vengeance all combine to put Shelby in grave danger. Don't miss it!

Available in KU, kindle, paperback and audible.


Val Fremden Strikes Again - The Return of Val Fremden

by Margaret Lashley

Released October 13

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One woman. One hammer. One guy who looks an awful lot like a nail ...

If you’ve ever longed to serve some jerk a steaming pile of their own just desserts, Val’s your gal! Hitch your wagon to this midlife mess and let her do the dirty work—while you laugh yourself silly all the way to the hilarious end



A Cherry Tucker Halloween Mystery Novella

by Larissa Reinhart

Free on Kindle October 15-19

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While Cherry's on the case of the cat burglar, a mystery man is stalking her. It's hard to know who's the hero and who's the villain when everyone is wearing capes. And if Cherry doesn't figure it out soon, it won't just be Tater the goat who's homeless. If she's not careful, Cherry could lose her heart and her life in a madcap race for a priceless treasure.


Hewey Spader Cozy Mystery Series book 2

by Tanya R. Taylor

99¢ October 1-4

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Hewey and his friends are still in hiding trying to figure out how to save their families and the rest of Eppington from the intruders. And where was everyone? I guess they'd have to find them before they could rescue them. Do these kids have the wherewithal and the courage to save the whole town?

Leave it to the kids....and stand back.

Get a free cozy mystery every day in October at!

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