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September New Releases & Book Deals

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

It doesn't feel like fall in Georgia, we're still in beach read mode. But maybe in your neck of the woods, you're ready to get cozy with some cozies. In either case, September is a time for reading!

New Releases


A Pineapple Port Mystery

by Amy Vansant

Released August 29!

A new twisty puzzler to solve featuring mystery's most authentic and loveable characters.

New to Pineapple Port? No problem! Each book can stand alone, but be warned, one taste of Pineapple Port’s charm and you'll want to devour the entire series.


Mature Magic book 6

by Sam Cheever

Released August 15!

Who in their right mind would go after a two-thousand-year-old witch who was also a magical historian? The problem was, I didn’t know what took her down. But something did. If I don’t kick it into gear and go after her attacker, the old witch’s present condition could become permanent. And then I’d have a grieving teen to deal with. As well as an extremely irritated magical horse.


Six-Book Collection

by Lucy Carol

Released July 26

Love humorous mysteries? Page-turners? You’ve hit the jackpot!


by Summer Prescott

Décor diva, Sari-not-sorry Samson, a doting shih-tzu mom, loves her eclectic clients, coffee, and her bffs, though not necessarily in that order. Her meticulously organized life is turned upside down when the authority-shy decorator witnesses a suspect fleeing a murder scene.


Chef Dani Rosetti Cozy Mystery Series book 14

by Dianne Harman

Releases September 16

An inedible entrée in a Michelin Mexican restaurant that could have been lethal.

Was it just human error or a deliberate attempt to injure the restaurant reviewer?


A Hayden Kent Mystery

by Kait Carson

Releases September 19

A family scuba vacation. A dropped bit of equipment. Has the famous Blue Hole of Belize claimed another life? Hayden Kent has more riding on the answer to the mystery than curiosity. She believes the diver faked his death. As a paralegal and newly minted claims investigator, it’s her job to decide if her company pays out the thirty-million-dollar policy


Val Fremden Strikes Again

by Margaret Lashley

One woman. One hammer. One guy who looks an awful lot like a nail ...

If you’ve ever longed to serve some jerk a steaming pile of their own just desserts, Val’s your gal! Hitch your wagon to this midlife mess and let her do the dirty work—while you laugh yourself silly all the way to the hilarious end

Book Deals


A Pineapple Port Mystery

by Amy Vansant


Charlotte Morgan isn't your average Pineapple Port 55+ community neighbor. She's 26 years old—adopted by a whole neighborhood of retirees as a child. In an instant, she goes from lonely and bored to trapped in a web of lies. Her neighbors are acting squirrelly, there's a corpse in her garden and a handsome pawnbroker is hovering in the yard... Charlotte's found-family is ready to help her solve the mystery…but there's a problem...She's starting to think one of them might be this cold case's killer...


Books 1-3 box set

by Sam Cheever

Free through the end of October!

3 full-length novels of paranormal cozy adventure fun!This is no boring librarian shushing people from behind a desk. This librarian corrals rogue magic. But more importantly, she has a frog and a cat, and she’s not afraid to use them!


A Madison Cruz Mystery book 1

by Lucy Carol


Secrets, spies, sexy guys. Staying alive is hard!

In this fast-paced mystery, out-of-work actress Madison Cruz runs an obstacle course of singing telegrams and spies as she tries to connect with her FBI mother, yet hide evidence for her grandfather.


Maizie Albright Star Detective "Between Cases" Novella

by Larissa Reinhart


Last Chance to get 20 FREE! Ends September 30.

Tap for Prolific Works then page through the books to find 20 CARATS.

When Maize's ex-costar/fiancé Giulio Belloni is arrested for stealing her mother's priceless gold jewelry box — once owned by Marilyn Monroe — Maizie believes Giulio's been framed. As the thefts and suspects multiply, it seems Giulio's enemies number more than his fans. When the police also accuse the Ginger Bombshell of robbery, can Maizie prove Giulio's innocence as well as her own?

Last chance to download all these cozy mystery novellas for FREE on Prolific Works!

Ends September 30!

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