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#TBT with A Cherry Tucker Mystery


“I’ve seen you and Harper eyeing each other.” Tamara arched a brow. “Don’t give me that look, like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve watched y’all act like a pair of horny squirrels, just flying around each other in circles. Now I know he says he doesn’t want to see Tara Mayfield no more, but I’m hoping that will change. Don’t go messing with him.”

I sucked in the frosty air and blew out my heat. “Miss Tamara, it’s not me. I’m not the horny squirrel. Luke and I are friends, that’s all.”

“You best be telling the truth, because the boys and women in back, they like that Tara Mayfield. And her cooking. And with your history of messing around in police business that ain’t your business, you need the backing of these boys in brown.”

“I get it,” I said. “And I don’t mean to mess with police business. I just get pulled into it through association.”

“I know the sheriff may as well be your daddy, but I’m just trying to help you. I like you, Cherry, but I don’t trust you. You’re a wild one and in my line of work, I don’t trust wild children.”

“Thank you, Miss Tamara. As I’m twenty-six, I think you can stop calling me a wild child. I have a business—”

“That’s not making you any money.”

“And a house—”

“That belongs to your granddaddy. You are a wild child, Cherry Tucker, and at twenty-six, it’s time to settle yourself down and behave. Go find yourself a real job and another man and leave Deputy Harper and the Sheriff’s Office alone.”

“Lord have mercy, Miss Tamara.” I stomped toward the door to wait out her buzz. “Is this because I don’t bring you food? Next time I need fingerprinting done, I’ll bring you a pie.”


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